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The Cat Castle - Darwin, NT53 Freshwater Road, Jingili

08 89855474


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In a tranquil landscape, Cat Castle is set on 5 acres at Jingili.
We understand cats, and make the facility as comfortable as possible for your precious felines. It’s cool and peaceful with open space and ceiling fans. At night, they hear the radio softy with similar sounds as they are used to.
Cats love routine, especially when they are away from home.
Breakfast is at 7am every morning and then they are let out into the main area for the day.
New arrivals usually stay in their 2 story enclosure for the first 24 hours while they get used to a new environment.
Some cats relax on their chairs. Several of the adventurous ones shinny up to the top of the pens for a bird’s eye view. Others think the coolest most comfortable spot to snooze is on the tiled floor.
Adventure tunnels and toys are there for cats who like to explore.
About 4.30, cats are put back in their enclosure and fed. Then they settle in for the night.
ccOpening Hours Mon to Sat 7 to 9am and 4 to 5.30pm Sun 4 to 5.30pm
You must book several days in advance, so we can make arrangements for your pet.
Criteria for Admission
If you return early, feel free to collect your loved one. Or, if you are delayed, please advise us.
We can also deliver or receive your pet from the airport.
Bookings for Christmas or School Holidays, need to be at least four months in advance.
Current vaccination is required.
53 Freshwater Rd, Jingili NT 0810
Phone (08) 8948 2615

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